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Eating and Drinking in Australia

Australia Restaurants Guides

Australia has a profusion of fine dining outlets situated from coast to coast and in all regions. There are cafés, bars and restaurants to suit all budgets, offering a wide selection of delicacies to tempt every palate. Australia's restaurants feature an eclectic mix of inexpensive cafés and coffee shops to renowned top-quality restaurants, where guests are assured of the optimum dining experience.

Adelaide has a diversity of cafés, restaurants and bars, offering every cuisine imaginable. Only an hour's journey from the city is the famous wine regions featuring well-known names such as McLaren and Barossa.

Darwin in the Top End of Australia, features a wide variety of sensational dining outlets including restaurants, al fresco dining, cafés, clubs, bistros, grills and bars, and a variety of cuisines are represented.

Guests will experience a variety of fine dining and great hospitality in Alice Springs, in a variety of settings. Seafood is extremely popular choice and is always fresh.

Experience a variety of contemporary dining outlets in Brisbane, featuring a choice of international cuisine. Guests can enjoy an assortment of restaurants offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, reflecting Brisbane's true multicultural heritage.

There is a great range of Canberra restaurants to suit every pocket, which are sure to impress. Popular choices include fresh seafood, Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, Japanese, Asian, Italian and Indian dishes, together with an excellent selection of fine wines.

Hobart features a variety of Tasmanian specialities, together with an impressive selection of international culinary delicacies. Most restaurants make great use of the excellent fresh produce that Tasmania is well-known for. A wide range of seafood and fish are popular dishes in Hobart, including Tasmanian salmon, abalone, scallops, ocean trout and octopus.

Melbourne, Perth and Sydney are three of Australia's largest cities and have thousands of impressive cafés, restaurants and bars to choose from. World-class dining is assured, and features a variety of delicacies ranging from modern Australian cuisine to the many ethnic cuisines. Seafood and vegetarian dishes are extremely popular, together with Vietnamese, Thai, China, Greek, Italian and a wealth of European dishes. An extensive range of fine red and white wines is always available.

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Eating and Dining in Australia - Restaurants Guide

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